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Ex-Student Gathering
Date: 2014-01-31 at 04pm
Location: Banani, Dhaka

Alumni Associaton Students Meeting
Date: 2014-01-23 at 09pm
Location: Facebook Group Page

Muhammad Alihyder Bhuiyan

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About QU


Queens University is a forward-looking, dynamic and private center of academic excellence. It provides extensive opportunities to the students for preparing themselves to meet both the societal needs and individual craving. The highly accredited professional programs are intended to prepare successful careers in the "real world" situations and the liberal arts education is meant to simulate innovation, compassion, critical judgment and social commitment in national and global perspectives. The academic programs are designed to meet the dynamics of new demands of new life in the 21st century. Queens University is indeed the best for the best. 


Philosophy and Mission:

Knowledge with action is the basis of human welfare, provided it upgrades human qualities and faculties as well as professional skills. Such knowledge is a right as well as an obligation of every human being which should be provided by a system of universal education. Besides, a nation's identity should be reflected in its education system. Based on this philosophy, Queens University's mission is to disseminate knowledge in an ethico-human approach reflecting identity of our nation with its heritage, values and principles.


Objectives of Queens University:

The specific objectives of Queens University are as follows:

1. To provide high quality education for human resource development so as to be able to complete in the modern world.

2. To disseminate knowledge in an ethico-human approach integrating our national heritage, values and principles with a view to producing graduates who are professionally sound and morally upright.

3. To make such education accessible to all groups of people in the country, including general masses of the population, rural as well as working people.

4. To provide a conducive academic atmosphere for intellectual development of the youth and knowledge seekers in an environment free from political and other disturbances.

5. To contribute to moral upliftment of people and a society which is tolerant to each other to co-exist in peace and harmony in a healthy atmosphere.

6. To conduct and support research for development of knowledge and for socio-economic development of the country.