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Bachelor of Laws

Syllabus For 2-year LLB Degree

School of Law
House# 13, Road#7/D, Sector#09, Uttara, Dhaka-1230

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1. Introduction:

Law is relevant to everyday life. Without knowledge and proper application of law, there can not be possible any civilized society and a welfare state. Operation of good deeds and prohibition of evil deeds can only be ensured through introduction of law and their proper application. Law is therefore identified as divine. With that end in view Queens University first opened the Department of Law with LLB (Hons.) in 1996 among the private universities of Bangladesh. Thereafter, the Department opened the LLM program for its students. Now, the Department wants to open 2-year LL.B program for the graduates of any recognized university intending to build up carrier in the fields of legal profession and service. The 2 year LLB degree has been designed in such a way so that the students may equip with a faith-based spirit and skill to apply their knowledge of law for the sake of right cause and justice.

2. Program Objectives:

It is 21st century an age of high technological and material developments. Maintenance of equilibrium between developments and dispose up problems is the essence of modern civilization. Law plays the paramount role to maintain peace and order of the society. Proper education, knowledge and experience of law in a society ensure their proper application and enforcement. Queens University wants to open 2 year LLB in the Department of Law for the graduates so that they can obtain the degree to equip themselves with the knowledge of law for their own purpose and legal profession.

3. Duration of the LLB Degree:

Duration of LLB Degree is of two academic years divided into two parts namely Part-I which is Preliminary and Part-II which is Final. And each Part is of three semesters and each semester consists of four months.

4. Admission Requirements:

Candidates seeking admission to LLB Degree should have at least graduation degree from any recognized university. But those who have already completed Part-I (Preliminary) from any recognized university may get admitted to Part II (Final).


5. Course offering and marks distribution:

LLB Degree consists of 16 courses divided into two academic years namely Part-I (Preliminary) and Part II (Final) and each course is of 3 credits equivalent to 100 marks and the breakup of which is as follows:

Class Participation 10 Marks
Tutorial + Assignment + Quiz 10 Marks
Mid Term 30 Marks
Semester Final 50 Marks
Total 100 Marks


6. Promotion system to Final Year:

Each student of Preliminary must have at least 75% of class participation in each course. At the end of successful completion of each semester of Part-I (Preliminary), there will be an examination for each course individually to evaluate the student’s performance. The Students passing successfully the courses of Part-I (Preliminary) will be allowed for promotion to the Final Year. All the courses designed for the degree are to completed individually. But the result of the Part-I (Preliminary) examinations will not contribute to influence the result of the Final Year in any way. The final result of the student will be on the basis of the result of the Part-II of Final Year


7. Award of the LLB Degree:

The Award of LLB Degree will be offered to the students on the basis of the result of the Part-II of the Final Year. The basis of awarding the LLB degree will be as follows:

Marks Standing

Letter Grade

Grade Point


































Course Design

1st Semester

Sl. No.

Course Code

Course Title





Legal History and Legal system of Bangladesh










Constitutional Law







2nd Semester

Sl. No.

Course Code

Course Title





Environmental Law





Muslim Law





Equity, Trust and Hindu law







3rd Semester

Sl. No.

Course Code

Course Title





Law of Contracts and Tort





Labour and Industrial Law





Mercantile Law





Intellectual Property Law







4th Semester

Sl. No.

Course Code

Course Title





Public International Law





Law of Banking, Bankruptcy and Public Demand Recovery Act





Law of Taxation







5th Semester

Sl. No.

Course Code

Course Title





Transfer of Property Act, Registration and Specific Relief Act.





Land Laws of Bangladesh





Special Laws







6th Semester

Sl. No.

Course Code

Course Title





Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure





Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act





Law of Evidence





Advocacy Skills and Professional Ethics







Syllabus for 2- year LLB
Course Title- Legal History and Legal System of Bangladesh
Course Code: - LLB-101, Credit-3, Marks-100


Legal History of Bangladesh

Judicial system of undivided India, Adalat system in Bengal, Background of Kolkata, Bobmbay, Madras High Courts, The Mayors courts, Introduction and influence of English Law in sub-continent, the Charters of 1726 and 1753, The Indian High Courts Act, 1861 The Constitutional Acts and High Courts unto 1947, The Charter of 1833 and Codification by the law Commission History of the Privy Council-Appeals form India to the Privy Council, The Federal Court of India, abolition of its jurisdiction


Legal System of Bangladesh

Meaning of legal system, Source of Law, Constitution, Legislation, Delegated legislation, Precedent and customary law, Commercial laws, agrarian and non-agrarian and special law dealing with specific matters, Judicial system of Bangladesh, Civil and Criminal courts, Family court, Tribunals, Specialized courts, Judicial Procedure, Civil proceedings and Criminal proceedings, Legal aid, importance of legal aid, Legal education, profession and institutions.


Book Recommended:-
Azizul Hoque : The Legal system of Bangladesh Dhaka
M.P. Jain : Legal History of India
V.T. Kulsbreshtba : Landmarks in Indian legal and constitutions History


Books Recommended:-
Cowell : History and Constitution of Courts and Legislative
Authorities of India : Indian Civil Judiciary in Making
J.K. Mittal : Indian Legal History
Kautilya : The Legal History of India
M.P Jain : Onlines of Indian Legal History
M.S. Rama Ran : Studies in Indian Legal history and Constitutional History
Morely : Administration of Justice in British India
M.Rama Jois : Legal and Constitutional History of India Vol.-II
Stalvad : The Common Law India
Sitalvad : Landmarks in Indian Legal History and Constitutional History.


Course Title- Jurisprudence

Course Code: LLB- 102, Credit-3, Marks-100

Definition, Nature and scope of Jurisprudence: School of Jurisprudence Analytical legal Positivism, Historical Sociological, Philosophical and Comparative Jurisprudence Law: Definition Nature Classification. Sources of Law: Custom, Legislation, Precedent, Historical development of Law. State and its Elements: Territory, Population, Government Sovereignty. Organs of Government: Legislature, executive, Judiciary and their functions. Administration of Justice: Civil Criminal Justice. Analysis of legal concepts: Right, Duty obligation, Person Ownership, Possession, Property, Title Liability.

Books Recommended:
Allen : Law in the making
Dias and Hyghes : Jurisprudence
Dennis Loved : Introduction of Jurisprudence
G.W. Paton : A Textbook of Jurisprudence
J. Salmond : Jurisprudence
Holland : Jurisprudence
Hoil and TE : Jurisprudence
N.H, Jbabvala : Jurisprudence
V.D. Mabajan : Jurisprudence
Azizur Rahman Chowdhury : Jurisprudence


Course Title-Constitutional Law

Course Code:-LLB-103, Credit-3, Marks-100

Constitutional Law (Bangladesh)

General:-Introduction-concept and elements of state, Definition Scope and nature of Constitutional Law; Classification of Constitutions, Form of Government: Democracy, Autocracy, Unitary and Federal system, Parliamentary and Presidential form of Government; Organs of Government: Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. The Doctrine of Separation of Powers. Historical background of the constitution of Bangladesh, Constitutions of Bangladesh, 1972.Basic Principles of the Constitution of Bangladesh; Parliamentary form of Government Vs Presidential form of Government; The president, The Prime Minister and Cabinet, Parliament, The Judiciary. Fundamental rights and their constitution Proclamation of Emergency.

Book Recommended:
A.V Diay : Law of the constitution
A.K.M Shamsul : The constitution of Bangladesh
Huda, Jennings : The Law and the Constitution
M. Islam : Modern constitution
Constitution of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh

The Constitutional Law (UK)

Sources and Characteristics of the UK Constitution; Convention of the constitution, Separation of Powers, The Rule of Law, Parliamentary supremacy, The House of Commons, The House of Lords, Parliamentary Privilege, Sovereignty of the Executive, The Royal prerogative Government and the Prime Minister-Ministerial Responsibility

Books Recommended:
C.Muro : Studies of Constitutional Law
Hilain Barnel : Constitutional and Administrative Law
Smith Stanley de and Braziar : Constitutional and Administrative Law Robery
Braziar Rodcy : Constitutional and Administrative Law
Wade, Ecs and Bradely : Constitutional and Administrative Law


Constitutional Law (USA)

Short history of the emergence of USA and characteristics of US Constitutional System, Amendments Process the Presidency: Mode of election, Powers and functions Vice President. The Cabinet and executive departments; Congress: Structure and composition, Congress: Function and powers, Structure and role of committee. Federal Judiciary: Composition, Functions, Doctrine of Judicial Reviews.

Book Recommended:
A.C. Kapar : Select Constitutions
Ferguson and Machinery : The American system of Government
J.W. Garner : Government of the United States
W.S. Muro : Government of the United States
V.D. Mahajan : Select Modern system of Government

Course Title- Environmental Law

Course Code:-LLB-201 Credit-3, Marks-100

Concept of Environment, Environmental ethics, environmental legal issue. Trans-boundary environment pollution-Hazardous wastes and marine pollution- nuclear energy bio-diversity and conservation, climate change and global warming, natural disasters.Nature and source of environmental law, enforcement, compliance and dispute settlement.Basic instruments of international environmental law, Stockholm Declaration, World Charter for Nature, Rio Declaration, Framework Convention on climate change and Framework Convention on bio-diversity, Rio-forest principled, issues based instruments.Concept of sustainable development, agenda 21, sustainable resource management.

Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act, 1995 and Rules, 1997.
Environmental policy, 1992.
NEMAP, 1992


Books recommended:
Environmental Law by Alexander Kiss and Dinah Shelton
Environmental Law by Alan J. Boyle and Patricia Bernie
Environmental Law by Philip Sands
Relevant Bangladesh statutes

Course Title-Muslim Law

Course Code:-LLB-202, Credit-3, Marks-100

Pre-Islamic Customs and their influence on Muslim Law; Concept of Law in Islamic Jurisprudence; Sources of Muslim Law; Different school of Muslim law and their Developments; Applications of Muslim Law in the Sub continent Law relation to marriage, dower guardianship Legitimacy, maintenance, Gift, Will, Wakf, Pre-emption,Muslim Law of Inheritance (Sunni and Shai)Statutory Law:- The Sharia Act 1937; The Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act 1939;l The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929; the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961; The Family Court Ordinance 1985;

Book Recommended:
Abdur Rahim : Mobammedan Jurisprudence
Ameer Ali : Mobammedan Law
A.A. Fyzeer : Outl line of Mobammedan Law
D.F. Mullah : Principles of Mobammedan Law
F.B. Tyabji : Mobammedan Law
N.B.S Baille : Digest of Mobammedan Law
N.J. Culson : A Survey of Islamic Law. Succession in the
Muslim Family.
J. Wallson : Anglo Mobammedan Law
Handbook of Muslim Laws (DLR)


Course Title- Equity, Trust and Hindu Law

Course Code:-LLB-203, Credit-3, Marks-100

Law of Equity: Origin and development of Equity;Equity and its relation to law;

Nature and Definition Equity Court; +Composition, Powers and Functions of Court of Equity Application of Equity Jurisdictions in Bangldesh;Maxims of Equity: 12 Maxims Equitable Remedies: Specific Performance of Contract, Injunction, Receiver, Law against clogging and the Equity of Redemption, Equitable Doctrine of Part Performance, Rescission of Contract, Cancellation of Documents, Fraudulent and Benami Transfer.


Law of Trust: Origin and development of Trust; Nature and definition of Trust; Creation of Trust and three certainties,Classifications of Trustee; Appointment removal; Powers, Functions duties and obligations of Trustee, Beneficiary: Rights and Liabilities of Beneficiary,Breach of Trust,Remedies for Brach of Trust: Specific Performance, Injunction.


Book Recommended:
B.M. Gandhi : Equity and Trust
Durga Das Basu : Equity and Trust
Hanbary : Priniciples of Equity

Hindu Law: Hindu Law: Nature, Source & Application, Historical Development of Hindu Law; School of Hindu Law: Dayabhaga and Mitakshara, Concept of Hindu Joint Family.Law relation to Marriage, Maintenance, Adoption, Gift, Will and Charitable Endowments;Law of Inheritance: Classes of heirs, shares and Mode of distribution.Strikdhana and Women’s estate.

Books Recommended:
N.H. Jhavala : Principle of Hindu Law
P.N. Jhavala : Hindu Law
R.D. Agrwala : Hindu Law
S.K. Routh : Hindu Law
Shawkat Mahmood : Hindu Law


Course Title- Law of Contracts and Tort

Course Code:-LLB-301, Credit-3, Marks-100

Law of Contract: General concept of contract; definition, Nature and Scope; Formation of contract; List of void and void able contract; Acceptance, Offer, Capacity of the Parties consideration, Free consent, Coercion, Mistake, Undue influence, Fraud, Mis-presentation, Breach of Contract, Remedies for breach of contract; Quasi contract, Contingent contract, Contract of indemnity, Contract of Agency.

Books Recommended:
Chilly : Contract
Chesbire and Fifoot : Law of Contract
D.F Mullah : Indian contract Act and Specific Relief Act
Pollock : Principle of Contract
S.F. Pollock : Law Contract
W. Anson : Indian Contract Act 1872


Law of Tort:

Tort: Definition, Nature and ingredients, Distinction between tory and Crime, Distinction between Tort and breach of Trust. Element of Tort: Malice intention, Motive, Negligence Malfeasance, Misfeasance, Nonfeasance; Who can sue & Who can be sued, General defenses to Tort, Trespass to person Assault battery and False imprisonment, Trespass to land: Meaning, Elements, Self Defense Trespass to Land, Tort relation to goods-Trespass to Gods conversion and detention, Defamation, Negligence, Nuisance: Malicious Prosecution, Strict liability, Vicarious liability, Remedies in Tort: Specific restitution, injunction damages.

Books Recommended:
Durga Das Basu : The Law of Torts
J. Salmond : The Law of Torts
Pillai : The Law of Torts
Ratan lal and Dhiraj : The Law of Torts
R.H. Winfield : The Law of Torts

Course Title- Labour and Industrial Law

Course Code-LLB-302, Credit-3, Marks-100

Work and right off lay off workers, Retrenchment, fine, discharge dismissal form service. Termination of employment Punishment and grievance procedure.

Wages: Fixing of wages and right to wages, Payment wages, Deduction of claims out of deduction form wages.

Factory Law: Early factory legislation, health and hygiene, Welfare, working hours, employment of your persons, leave and holiday with wages in factories, Penalties and procedures.

Workmen’s Compensation: Industrial accidents and diseases, fatal accidents, Employer’s liability for compensation and procedure for its determination, The function of commissioner.

The Law of Trade Union: History of trade union movement, Role, Function and utility of trade union, Registration of trade union, Rights and privileges of registered trade union and collective bargaining agent, Unfair labour practice.

Statement of Dispute: Origin of labour legislation, Right to strike and lockout, Industrial disputes and their settlement through negotiation conciliation, Arbitration. Powers and Functions of labour Court and labour Appellate Tribunal, Labour policy of Government.


The Employment of Labour (Standing Orders) Act. 1965
The Employment of Loour (Standing Orders) Rules, 1968
The shops and Establishment Act. 1965
The shops and Establishment rules, 1979
The Payment of Wages Act, 1936
The Payment of Wages Rules, 1937
The Minimum Wages ordinance, 1961
The Minimum Wages Rules, 1961
The Factories Act, 1965
The Factories Rules, 1973
The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923
The Workmen’s Compensation Rules, 1924
The Employer’s Liabilities Act, 1930
The Fatal Accidents Act, 1955
The Industrial Relations Ordinance, 1969
The Industrial Relations Rules, 1977

Book Recommended:

A.K. Khan : Labour and Industrial Law
Cooper : Outlines of Industrial Law
Citrin : Trade Union Law
Croren & Crizae : Labour Law
Firdom : The Modern Law of Employment
M.Sbaft : Labour Code
Seluryn : Guide to Industrial Relations Act; 1971
Sebryn : The works and the Law cases and Materials on Labour Law.


Course Title- Mercantile Law

Course Code:-LLB-303, Credits-3, Marks-100
Company Law, History, Nature and constitution of companies, Types of companies,

Formation of companies, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Doctrine of Ultra Vires,Raising and maintenance of capital, Company’s Organ, Officers meeting investors, credit protection, director, managing agent. Winding up and liquidations

Books Recommended:
Avter Sing : Computer Law
Charlesworth : Company Law
Companies Act 1994 (Government Publication)


Law of Partnership: Nature of Partnership firm, Kinds of partnerships-who can be a partner, Power, liability of partners, Dissolution of firm, Registration of firm, Right and liabilities of partners after dissolution

Books Recommended:
Partnership Act 1932 (Government Publication)

Law of Insurance: Contract of Insurance-definition, nature and essential, Insurable interest, Risk, Fundamental principle of Indemnity, Mitigation of lost, Difference kinds of Contract of Insurance, Different type of fire policy, Different type of marine policy and insurance.

Books Recommended:
M. Farani : The Insurance Law
Insurance Act (Government Publication)

Law of Sale of Goods: Definition and essential of sale and agreement to sale, Formation of contract, Subject-matter of contract, Sale of Specific goods ,Transfer of risk, Remedies of breach of contract

Books Recommended
Avter Sing : Law of Sale of GOOD & Urine Hire Purchase
Arun Kumar Sen : Commercial Law including Company Law & Industrial Law.


Course Title- Intellectual Property Law

Course Code:-LLB-304, Credit-3, Marks-100

The concept of intellectual of intellectual Property; Copy Right: Origin and development of Copyright Law; Rights protected by copy right; Copy right infringement, remedies; Industrial Property; Patent and duration of patent, other kinds of patents. Infringement and Remedies; Trade marks: Definition of trademarks, functions of trademarks; functions of trademarks; Acquisition of trademark rights, Infringement of trademarks: Industrial design; Role and contribution of intellectual property; International co-operation in intellectual property; World Intellectual Property Organization; Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property, and other conventions; Intellectual property litigation; New development in intellectual property; Computer programs, integrated circuits reprography, broadcasting innovations.

Books Recommended:
Law of Intellectual Property : P.Narayan
Law of Intellectual Property : Utsbell
WIPO Publication


Course Title- Public International Law

Course Code:-LLB-401, Credit-3, Marks-100

The foundation of International Law, Concept and nature of International Law, The sources of International Law, Development and science of International Law, Codification and progressive development of International Law, The solicits of International Law, Recognition, State territory and state jurisdiction, International Law of sea, Law of Treaties, Diplomatic envoys and counsels, International dispute, The organization of the International Community, War and Neutrality


Books Recommended:
Ian Brwnlie : International Law
Martin Dixon : A text book on International Law
Shaw : International Law
Strak : An Introduction to International Law


Course Title- Law of Banking, Bankruptcy and Public Public Demanded Recovery Act-1913

Course Code:-LLB-402, Credit-3, Marks-100

Law of Banking:

  1. Introduction: Meaning of banking sphere of bank activities; Historical background of banking institutions in Bangladesh.

  2. Origin if bank legislation: Banking companies ordinance 1962, Necessity of new banking companies law and enactment of Act 14 of 1962

  3. Central bank: Role of Bangladesh Bank as central Bank, relation between Bangladesh Bank and central bank, Kinds of banks, privatization policy, and transfer of nationalized banks to private sector.

  4. Rural banking: Background of the bank, management, objective Krishi bank, use of loan, purpose of loan, application of public demands recovery Act.

  5. Grameen bank: Background, objective, board of director, shareholding of paid capital, collateral security, audit of accounts, deposits.

  6. Coo0perative banking: Background role of the bank, difference between cooperative and commercial bank, process of loan application, Co-operative law, Constitutional obligation.

  7. Islamic banking: Method of operation.

  8. Bangladesh Shilpa bank: Management nature of loan allowed by BSB, Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Shangstha, authorized capital, privatization Act. 1993.

  9. Non banking financial institutions, The financial institution of suits in the money loan Court.

  10. Money loan courts, objectives of Act. IV of 1990, institution of suits in the money loan Court.

  11. Foreign Exchange: First exchange control law, law prior to foreign exchange regulation Act. 1947, current exchange control regulations.


  1. Negotiable instrument: Checks- Bills of exchange promissory note differences between them- endorsement dishonor of negotiable instrument. The negotiable instruments Act. 1881.

  2. Banker and Customer: Loan advance and guarantee- secured loan and advance.

Bankruptcy: Meaning of Bankruptcy, who can be Adjudged Bankrupt, Acts of Bankruptcy, and Conscience of Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy proceedings, Composition and scheme of arrangement.
Governing Act: The Bankruptcy Act, 1997

The Public Demanded Recovery Act-1913: Public Demand Recovery, Application of the Act,Definitions, Filling, Service and Effect of Certificates and Hearing on Objection there to, Filling of certificate for public demand payable to collector, Requisition for certificate in other cases, Filing of certificate on requisition, Service of notice and copy of certificate on certificate debtor, Effect of service of notice of certificate

Execution of Certificate: Who may execute certificate cancelled or modified, Grounds for cancellation or modification of certificate by Civil Court

Attachment and Sale: Attachment of Property,Application to set aside of immovable property of deposit, Application to set aside of immovable property on ground of non-service of notice or irregularity.

Arrest, Detention and Release: Power to arrest and detention, Release from arrest and re-arrest

Reference to Civil Court: Suit in Civil Court to have certificate cancelled or modified, Ground for cancellation or modification of certificate by civil court ,Supplementary Provision ,Cancellation of Certificate, Appeal ,Revision , Review

Books Recommended:

Abdul Matin : The Public Demands Recovery Act
Public Demand And Recovery Act 1913

Course Title- Law of Tax ation

Course Code:-LLB-403, Credit-3, Marks-100

Income Tax Ordinance 1984:Definitions of Income and Exemptions, Assesses Type and status: Tax Authority: Appeals, Revision and reference; assessment procedure; recovery of taxes, Refund and Penalties, Assessment of non-residents; Discontinuation and succession of Business; changes in the constitution of firm, provision-regarding certain clause of provident and superannuation of firm, provision-regarding certain clause of provident and superannuating Funds.

Sales Tex Act. 1951:Definition: Basis of sales Tax, Assesses. Goods Assessable and exempted; requirements; Maintenance; Production and Inception of Accounts; Assessment “Technique, Appeal Revision, Refund Recovery and Penalties, Ratification of Mistakes.

Agricultural Income-Tax Act, 1944:Definition: Charge of Agriculture Income: Total Agricultural Income Assesses; Computation of Agricultural Income Tax and allowances under difference heads (rent and Revenue, Agricultural and Mixed Sources) Assessment cases, Authorities Assessment procedure. Appeal, Recovery, Refund and Penalties.

Estate Duty Act, 1950: Principles of passage of property on death. Waqf. Provision of Company Valuation, Aggregation into Estate, Deduction and computation of duty; Assesses, Authorities, Assessment Technique, Appeal, Collection and Penalties.

Wealth Tax Act 1963:Definition: Charge of Wealth Tax and Asset, subject to such charge, Authorized, Assessment procedures. Liability of Assessment on special cases; Appeals, reference, collection and penalties

Gift Tax Act 1963:Definition: Change of gift Tax, Assessment Procedure, Liability to Assessment on Special cases: Authorities: Appeals, Revision and Reference, Payment and Recover and Recovery; Penalties.

Books Recommended:
Income Tax: Part I,II & III
Agricultural Income Tax Act; 1944
Sales Tax Act, 1950
Gift Tax Act, 1963
Wealth Tax Act, 1963

Capital Gains Tax:
A.H. Shadatullab: Income Tax
Nurun Nabi: Income Tax



Course Title- Transfer of Property Act, Registration Act and Specific Relief Act

Course Code: -LLB-501, Credit-3, Marks-100

Law of Transfer of Property: Historical background of Transfer of Property; Introduction to law of Transfer of Property, Application of Transfer of Property Act. What is transfer of Property, Classification of Property and their definition, Operation of transfer, Oral Transfer, Transfer to unborn person, Rule against perpetuity, Transfer in perpetuity for benefit of public, Vested interest, Contingent transfer

Sales of Immovable property: Sale defined, Sale how made, Contract of sale, Marshalling by subsequent purchaser

Mortgage of Immovable Property and charges:Definition of Mortgagee, Mortgagee money and Mortgage-deed Classification and definition of different kinds of Mortgage, Right to foreclosure or sale, Marshalling securities

Lease of Immovable Property: Definition of Lease, Lease, Lessor, Lessee, Premium and rent, Duration of certain leases in absence of written contract or local usage, Rights and liabilities of lesser and lessee, Right of lesser’s transfer

Exchange: Definition of Exchange, Right and liabilities of parties

Gifts: Definition of gift, Acceptance when to be made, Transfer how effected, Gift of existing and future property

Transfer of Actionable Claim: Transfer of actionable claim, Liability of transferee of actionable claim, Mortgage debt


Books Recommended: Transfer of Property Act 1882 (Act IV of 1882 with amendment)
A.K. Ray : Transfer of Property Act
: Hindu Disposition of Property Act.
Registration Act, Section 2,17,18-48,49,50
A.C.Gose : Transfer of Property Act
B.B.Mita : Transfer of Property Act
D.F. Mullah : Transfer of Property Act
D.F Mullah : Transfer of Property Act
D.F.Mullah : Indian Registration Act.
Ghose : Mortage: Volume I
H.S. Gour : The Law of Transfer

Law of Registration: Definition of Registration, Registrable documents, documents of which registration is compulsory and optional, Time of presentation, Effects of Registration and non-registration, Powers and duties of registration of officers

Books Recommended:
D.F. Mullah : Indian Registration Act
The Registration Act, (Government Publication)

Specific Relief Act: Specific Relief how given, Preventive relief, Of Recovery of Possession of Property Recovery of Specific immovable and immovable property, Suit by person, dispossessed of immovable property

Contracts which may be specifically enforced: Cases in which specific performance enforceable, Contracts of which the subject has partially ceases to exit, Specific Performance of part of contract where part unperformed is small, Specific Performance of part of contract where part unperformed is large, Specific Performance of independent part of contract,Bar in other cases of specific performance of independent part of contract

Contracts not specifically enforceable: Discretion as to decreeing specific performance, who may obtain specific performance? Personal bars to the relief, Against whom contract can be specially enforced, Against whom contract cannot be specially enforced

Cancellation of Instruments: When cancellation may be ordered, what instrument may be partially cancelled Of Declaratory of Receivers, Discretion of court as the declaration of status or right Effect of such declaration

Appointment of Receivers: Appointment of Receivers Discretionary

Preventive Relief: How preventive relief granted, Temporary injunction, perpetual injunction

Perpetual Injunctions : Perpetual injunction when granted, Mandatory injunction, Injunctions when refuse Injunctions too perform negative agreement

Books Recommended:
D.F Mullah : Indian contract and Specific Relief Act
Md. Mohsin : The Specific Relief Act 1877
Shawkat Mahmood : Specific Relief Act
Specific Relief Act 1877 : DLR Publication


Course Title- Land Laws of Bangladesh

Course Code: -LLB-502, Credit-3, Marks-100

History of land laws; grand to Dewani, Zamindars their development and incidents law relating to Permanent settlement-main idea of Lord Cornwallis, defect of this regulation; abolution permanent settlement and reasons Law relation to alluvion and Diluvion, ownership of new chars of new chars of island law relation to Landlords and tenants: shot of Tenancy laws-extent and application, classes of tenants, tenure holders Raiyats of all class-general provisions as to rent, sale for areas setting aside sale

State Acquisition and Tenancy Act: Special provision for the acquisition of interests of certain rent receivers, Special provisions regarding land held in lien’s of service, Preparation of record or fights-assessment of compensation, Provisions relating to areas of revenue, Rent and ceases, Incidents holding of raiyats and transfer, purchase and reduction of rent, Provisions as to enactment and reduction of rent, Amalgamation, subdivision and consolidation of holding Maintenance of the recorded of holding, Maintenance of the record of raiyats ,Jurisdiction of appeal revision, review

Non-Agriculture Tenancy Act: Definitions and classes of non-agricultural tenancies held be a non-agricultural tenants Incidents of non-agricultural tendencies, Under-raiyats, Provisions as to transfer to non-agricultural land, judicial proceedings

Bengal Tenncy Act:Classes Tenants, Enhancement of rent, Incidents of permanent tenure holder, Transfer of permanent tenue holder, Incidents of holding at fixed rates, Occupancy raiyats, Judical Proceedings, Land Reform Oridinance & Rules 1984

Books Recommended
B.B. Mita : Land Laws of East Bengal
Lutfur Kabir : Land Laws of East Bengal
Land reforms ordinance 1984 (Government Publication)

Course title: Special Laws
Course code: LLB-503

Special Power Act
Arms Act
Narcotic Control Act
Nari shishu Nirjaton Daman Ain
Acid Crime Prevention Act
Anti- Corruption Act


Course Title- Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure

Course Code:-LLB-601, Credit-3, Marks-100

Penal Code: Essential elements of Crime, Mens rea, Guilty mind General exceptions form criminal liability ,Abatement, Criminal Conspiracy, Offences against state, Offence by or relating to public servants, False Evidence and Offences against Public Justice, Office relation to coin and government stamps, Offence affecting the human body, Offence against property, Attempt to commit offence


Books Recommended:
Lutfur Kabir : Lecture on Penal Code
S.Mahmood : Penal Code
Ratan Lal and Dhiraj Lal : The Indian Penal Code
Tandon : Indian Penal Code
Zahirul Huq : Penal Code
Penal Code, 1890 (Government Publication

Code of Criminal Procedure: Constitution, jurisdiction and power of the Courts, Aid and Information of the magistrate and the policy, Arrest, Summons and warrant, Proclamation and warrant, Proclamation and attachment, Bail, Prevention and inquiry, Charges, Trail before the Magistrate, Course of Session and High Court, Judgemetn, suspension, revision and communication of sentence, previous acquittal and conviction, appeal reference and revision.


Books Recommended
B.B. Mita : Criminal Procedure Code
Lutfur Kabir : Criminal Procedure Code (Act XLV of 1908)
N.D. Basu : Criminal Procedure code
Ratan Lal and Dhiraj las : Criminal Procedure code
Code of Criminal Procedure (Government Publication)


Course Title- Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act
Course Code:-LLB-602, Credit-3, Marks-100

Code of Civil Procedure : Preliminary, Organization of Civil courts in Bangladesh,Scope and application of the Civil Procedure Code: Structure of the code, Pecuniary Jurisdiction ,Jurisdiction of the Court and Res-Judicata, Institution of suits, Summons and discovery,Judgment and Decree, Costs, Attachment, Sale, Appeals, Reference. Review and Revision,


Books Recommended
B.Malik and Singh : Commentaries on code of Civil Procedure
D.F. Mullah : Code of Civil procedure
Shawkat Mahmood : Civil Procedure Code
Sarkar : Code of Civil Procedure
Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (Government Publication)

Limitation Act:Limitation and prescription, Objective, interpretation, Limitation of Suits, Appeal and Application, Dismissal of suits, etc, instituted, etc, after period of limitation Where court is closed when period expires Extension of period in certain cases Legal disability, Computation of Period of Limitation, Effect of fraud and acknowledgement on limitation acquisition of ownership by possession, Grounds of exemptions form extension of limitation, Suspension of limitation, Acquisition of ownership by possession, Acquisition of easement rights, Suit for recovery of land, Adverse possession, Effect of fraud and acknowledgement on limitation

Books Recommended:
D.F.Mulla : Indian Limitation Act
Shaukat Mahmood : Limitation Act
Syed Akbar Raja : The Limitation Act
Limitation Act 1908

Course Title- Law of Evidence
Course Code:-LLB-603, Credit-3, Marks-100

Foundation of Law Evidence, Relevancy of facts: Facts in issue and relevant facts Foundation of Law Evidence, Relevancy of facts: Facts in issue and relevant facts Instruments of evidence (a) witness (b) real evidence; (c) defendants and witness Circumstantial evidence, Documentary evidence: Primary and secondary evidence, public and private documents, evidence and proof, Dying declaration, Experts’ opinion Relevance of character, Presumption ,Burden of Proof, Estoppels, Examination of Witness, Accomplice, Competence of Witness, Examination and cross examination of witness, Power of the court in relation to examination of witness

Books Recommended:
Amir Ali & Woodroffe : Law of Evidence
Monir : Principles and Digest of the Law of Evidence
Sarker : Law of Evidence
: Evidence Act, 1872 (Government Publication)


Course title: Advocacy Skill and professional Ethics:
Course code: LLB-604

    1. Factual Investigation Client Interviewing listing and observing section 126 of Evidence Act, 1872 Interview checklist client Interviewing form.

    2. Drafting of pleadings- various forms of plaints and written statement drafting of FIR/ Complaint and bail petition.

    3. Choice of Forum (Civil and criminal).

    4. Trail advocacy skill opening statement-examination in chief –cross examination- closing agreement.

    5. Reading of cases legal Research finding law opinion drafting style and format

    6. Mock trial.

    7. Alternative dispute Research finding law opinion drafting style and format.

    8. Alternative dispute Resolution Common form and negotiation techniques.

    9. Appellate advocacy.

    10. External ship

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