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Academic Plan

Students Responsibility and Conduct:

Each student is responsible for knowing the rules, regulations, academic requirements and disciplinary of Queens University. He/She is expected to behave in according with good moral values and the rules and regulations of Queens University either on campus or outside. Politics is completely prohibited in the campus.


Rules and Regulations of the University:

Students are requested to focus their attention on the following rules and regulations of the university.

  • Regarding academic problems, students are required to contact the Course Coordinator through their course teachers.
  • Concerning problems related to enrolment and examinations as well as other relevant matters, students are required to the Controller of Examinations.
  • For any problem related to library facilities, students are requested to contact the Librarian and solicit permission from the concerned authority to use or borrow any sort of relevant library materials.
  • As regards problems related to any sort of financial aspects, students are required to contact the Registrar through the chief Accountant.
  • To seek information related to admission matters, students are required to contact the Admission Officer through the Public Relation Officer.
  • Audience and contact either with the Vice-Chancellor or the Chairperson may be allowed only in case of utmost difficulty and that this has to be channeled through the office of the Registrar and the Controller of Examinations.
  • The authority reserves the right to ask verbal or written explanations from the students for any sort of misconduct, violation and abuse of the prescribed rules and regulations. Creating indiscipline, scandals and nuisance inside or outside the classrooms within the premises, destroying any property belonging to the University or displaying unsavory and aggressive attitude and entry/trespassing into the administrative area without prior permission are totally forbidden. As Queens University is a non-political organization, doing politics of any kind is not allowed here.
  • Keeping the University's reputation and prestige uppermost in mind the University authority requests all concerned for strict procedural compliance of the aforesaid rules and regulations. Beside, students must know that, disciplinary and punitive action shall be taken against any students for breach of the above.
  • The students must ensure their regular attendance in the course lectures. Presence at the classroom at least five minutes prior to the commencement of the lecture is required. Absences from the lectures due to sickness or any other unavoidable causes may be solicited by an application to the concerned Course Coordinator. The minimum requirement attendance in any class is 60%, failing which no students will be allowed to appear at the Final Semester Examination.
  • The student must be serious in their studies and submit regularly home assignments as per instructions of their class teachers.
  • The students must clear their semester as well as other fees in time; otherwise they will be debarred from appearing at the Semester Final Examination.


Satisfactory Performance:
A student is deemed to have a passing grade if he/she earns a CGPA of 2.00.


Good Academic Standing:
A student is in good academic standing unless on probation or dismissed, which are elaborated below.


Academic Probation:
A students whose CGPA is less than 2.25 but not 2.00 is placed on academic probation during the following semester. A student on academic probation may be restricted in the number or type of course for which he/she is permitted to register during the probationary period.


When a student's CGPA falls below 2.00 he/she fails to earn a GPA of 2.00 or better during two subsequent probationary semesters, the student concerned will be dismissed from Queens University. Queens University also reserves the right to dismiss or exclude any student from any of its classes whenever such action is deemed appropriate in the interests of the students or Queens University.