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Date: 2014-01-31 at 04pm
Location: Banani, Dhaka

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Date: 2014-01-23 at 09pm
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Muhammad Alihyder Bhuiyan

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Voice of Founder

I am pleased to inform you all concern that the main campus of the Queens University is located at Banani.The campus is located in well communicating places of the capital city, Dhaka. Since establishment of the university, I had to face a lot of troubles and at the last; along with some eminent educationist we have overcome the hurdles. Never the less, our commitments for the nation are being achieved and also the vision of the University in regard to build up the future career of education seekers. At present, we have been proposing some new courses such as,B.Sc (Hon’s) in EEE,B.Sc (Hon’s) in Civil Engineering , B.Sc (Hon’s) in Environmental Science and Management  in undergraduate and post-graduate levels. In compliance with the Non-government University Act 1992, we have the efforts to set up the University in its own campus particularly, at Ashulia which is an important place of the Dhaka city. In keeping the said binding by the government, 14 bigha land equivalent to 462 decimal was bought for establishing he university campuses and on the same land required constructions will be executed soon where the university will be shifted. Our efforts are also looking forward to up-grade the university compares to other renowned universities of the world. Moreover, the university is very keen to render our efforts in view of the country demand also. Consequently, the graduates of our university are being generating the recourses and culture of the soil. Other than the above, our efforts are also involve with the several universities of different countries of the world, the students can avail the opportunity to transfer their credits within and outside the universities.

In my concluding words, I hope, our efforts will be successful in producing quality graduates and as a whole, in building up future career of education seekers.

With regards,

Dr. Hamida Banu Shova

Former Parliament Member of Bangladesh

Founder Chairperson

Queens University